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   This (as if you hadn't guessed) is the news section. This is where we post-up announcements about this site. You may now continue with your regularly scheduled browsing (I like parenthesis).

The Poll

What is your favorite phrase?
His name is Robert Paulson
I'm sorry... Would you like some cheese?
You fight for Dolphin safe Tuna? Well what about the Tuna?
Fiphe for Life
Hello. Shut up. I don't care. Now, what was it you wanted to ask me?
I just killed three people... I mean, How's it goin?
I was thinking about the immortal words of Plato when he said, "I drank what?"
I see stupid people. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there.
If I where a chicken, I'd jack-off in your crackers...
I like your... That's to say I uh... You wouldn't happen to... Well I thought maybe you'd... or we could try.. well uh... IN BED!!!
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Written by Minister Jon
3/5/02 11:57:30 PM
We are beginning to use backgrounds again. How umm... nice. Oh ya, we added "The Poll" too.

Written by Paul Rhinehardt
3/5/02 12:08:50 AM
Welcome our new cast member Vague Vampire. The site has been given alot of updates. Backgrounds have been temporarally removed. The Art, Fiction, Credits and Philosophy sections have been updated. Check out the Ultimate Trunks picture in the art section; You'll like it. I'M GOOD!!! I'm gonna go have a taco now. I need tacos. I need them now or I will explode. I do that sometimes.

Written by Minister Jon
3/4/02 2:38:55 AM
I added a hit counter and a guest book below menu. Please pretent to give a flying feck and sign the book.

Written by Minister Jon
3/3/02 11:31:35 PM
Updated the art gallary and some of the graphics. This section (obviously) has been touched-up a bit as well

Written by Paul Rhinehardt
2/7/02 1:20:40 PM
Fiphe added three stories to the pre-release area on the Message Board. You might like them. We also submitted the site to a few search engines... Over 200.

Written by Minister Jon
2/6/02 7:22:58 PM
The menu should be up-to-date now. You'll notice that we separated the news into two parts and added an image gallary. Next... WE GET SOME CONTENT!!!

Written by Minister Jon
2/6/02 11:45:42 PM
We've got our message board set-up. Unfortunatly, we still need to edit our navagation menu. So, for now, you can access it through this LINK and click this LINK to enter the chat room. The graphics should be fixed by then too.

Written by Minister Jon
2/5/02 12:56:20 PM
The credits section is now fixed. It should be viewable in most browsers (sorry WebTV, we are going to fix it up for you soon). This section has also gotten fixed-up. Now, the newest stuff is on top and the oldest on the bottom. Some time this month, we hope to add three new sections:
News History - It will not be on the menu, in fact, it is just going to be an extension of this page. After every month, the stuff that has built-up in the news section will be archived. News History is where you will be able to view old news. I doubt anyone actually cares; It's really just sort of a nostalgia thing (I doubt that's spelled right).
Message Board - Yes, we might actually decide to give a slag what you think but meanwhile, you will be able to use the message board to tell your fellow veiwers what you think. We are considering using it to overcome writer's block and start filling-up the philosophy and fiction sections.
Chat Room - Once in a while, we plan to schedule to have a writter hang-out in the chat room so that you can tell him how much he sucks. I doubt any civilized conversation will ever take place in the chat. Well you people can use it to talk to yourselves (or maybe each outher) when we don't feel like talking.
Furthermore... I need to start using a spell checker!!!

Written by Minister Jon
2/5/02 2:01:23 AM
The site is up and working (more orless). Some people may have a problem viewing the credits page. Some of the background files are pretty big so be patient, I think you'll find them worth the time. Tripod has placed banners all over the place so things may not look quite as they were intended. We ARE looking for a better host (one with only pop-ups). FYI - some of our links open as new windows so don't just close everything that pops-up. I'm (the web guy) pretty angry about being pimmeled over like this. By the way, to receive a "curse word translation chart," e-mail Fiphe at (you'll need it if you want to know what we're saying half the time). Maybe if you ask nice, he'll just send you the uneditted version of the story or article you want instead.

Written by Minister Jon
2/2/02 9:50:03 PM
A friendly "hello" and "who the hell are you" from the HTML Guy.